Sarah Berthon (1)

Sarah Berthon

Founder of Against the Odds a community and podcast to share inspiration and advice about work and self employment with people with chronic illnesses. 
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Excelling against the Odds 

Sarah Berthon on setting up her own business, community and podcast to share inspiration and advice about work and self-employment with other people with chronic illnesses. 
Michelle Jones Founder Kind Currency

Michelle Jones

Founder of Kind Currency CiC - connecting businesses and consumers who care -  moving towards creating a kinder, more inclusive society for all
Michelle JOnes sitting on her Kindness bench

Imagine a world where kindness is currency

We caught up with Michelle Jones Founder of Kind Currency who tells us how the pandemic and being honoured with a “friendship bench” where the catalysts to creating her new enterprise, which aims to connect kind consumers with kind businesses
Seema Flower

Seema Flower

Seema is Founder and Managing Director of Blind Ambition is a Visual Awareness and Disabilities expert.
Tracey Proudlock

Unlocking the secrets to inclusive design

We caught up with Tracey Proudlock, founder of Proudlock Associates, which advises a range of clients on inclusive design, to find out why she thinks it’s important for disabled people to get the best education that they can, how her business has evolved, and why a supportive business network is her secret weapon.
Tracey Proudlock on the Underground

Tracey Proudlock

Founder of Proudlock Associates, which advises a range of clients on inclusive design
Jen Blackwell

Dancing on air

Jen Blackwell knew from a young age that her future lay in dance, and when she was unable to find a dance training program that was accessible and appropriate to her needs, rather than giving up on her dream, she created her own.
Jen Blackwell

Jen Blackwell

Founder of Dance Syndrome, a dance training program who's vision is to empower learning-disabled individuals through inclusive dance.
Tanya Heasley

Transforming anger into positive action

Tanya Heasley tells us how she’s using her negative experiences from childhood to transform the lives of young people, and why she believes her disability is her super-power.
Tanya Heasley

Tanya Heasley

Founder of Tristone Coaching - a social enterprise which aims to improve the lives of young people affected by adult anger.
Mark Esho

Making a mark

Mark, as well as being Founder and Director of Easy Internet, he’s also a bestselling author and a motivational speaker, and has worked with the Department for Work and Pensions to change attitudes around employing disabled people.