Christine Bowyer-Sopp
Christine Bowyer-Sopp, Soboan Candles, has restricted mobility, reduced energy levels, memory issues and vertigo, due to fibromyalgia and a stroke. Read her story to find out how making scented things became her therapy and then her business.
Marcus Mason-Williams
Marcus Mason-Williams, multi-talented artist and founder of Cool Art 2021, tells us how he was inspired by Henri Rousseau, why he loves to work outside, and how his art sets him free.
Jaki King
Jaki King of If Everyone Cares CIC tells us how her community maps are changing the way people can find and offer support, about her experience of receiving diagnoses later in life, and about the A to Z of positive thinking.
Lee Chambers
Lee Chambers of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing tells us about how spending time in a hospital bed helped him hone his vision of what he could contribute, the challenges of having invisible disabilities, and why disability is a beautiful world of colour.
Ed Hollands
Ed Hollands of DrivenMedia tells us about how a traffic jam gave him the idea to start his own business, his experience of appearing on Dragons’ Den, and why he doesn’t consider himself to be disabled.
Michael Beynon
Michael was born with Downs Syndrome and vision impairment. He always wanted to own his own business and in 2018 set up COALPIT Welsh cakes. Read about how his business has helped the local community, competing for Team GB, running the London Marathon and being one of Mencap's Myth Busters.
Jenny Blyth
Jenny Blyth has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and fibromyalgia. In 2014 she realised the impact of having an office based role was becoming intolerable: the pain of sitting at a desk all day and the exhaustion from the commute became too difficult to manage. Jenny decided to set up her own business: Storm in a Teacup, selling giftware.
Amanda Jayne Harman
At the age of 52 Amanda was diagnosed with autism spectrum condition (ASC) and attention deficit disorder (ADHD). In November 2021 she founded her business, Outside the Box: neurodiverse coaching and mentoring. She uses a variety of empowering tools and other strategies to coach and support neurodivergent people.
Stephanie Ward
Stephanie has bilateral developmental dysplasia of the hips and at 24, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. In 2020 Stephanie set up a virtual assistant business. Find out how she gives people their time back and helps them be more productive.
Funmi Lawal
Funmi Lawal suffered a stroke following child birth at the age of 35. After recognising the challenges faced by disabled women she founded ClipKnix. The company creates adaptive, fashionable underwear for women.
Vie Portland
Following a diagnosis of Epidermolysis Bullosa, Vie Portland founded a Community Interest Company called VieNess, Discover You, Love You in June 2019. She teaches self-esteem and confidence to children, young people, and vulnerable women.
Andy Knill
Andy founded Andy Knill Art in 2017. After 30 years in teaching and a long battle with mental health he decided to pursue his passion as an artist and set up his own studio.