Andy Knill
Andy founded Andy Knill Art in 2017. After 30 years in teaching and a long battle with mental health he decided to pursue his passion as an artist and set up his own studio.
Victoria Jenkins
Victoria Founded Unhidden Clothing in 2017 as a socially responsible adaptive fashion brand for people with disabilities. Victoria has developed a ten piece collection for men and women which addresses as many access considerations as possible, from fastenings to fit, and from construction to fabric.
Dr Rebecca Williams Dinsdale
Doctor Rebecca is an Author, Counsellor and Coach. She’s never had a ‘9 to 5' job due to her poor physical health. The full extent of Rebecca’s story is about recapturing a feeling of joy from her childhood while navigating her illness, which she views as a meandering detour.
Zubee Kibria
Zubee Kibria is the founder of Access My Events, a consultancy business that aims to make events in the UK more accessible to disabled people.
Marcia Antony
Marcia has multiple sclerosis and is a wheelchair user. She is a passionate advocate for disabled people - her belief that disability does not define her shines through in all she does.
Kush Kanodia
Kush Kanodia is an experienced and influential social entrepreneur who has a portfolio career focusing on four main areas of activity – health and wellbeing, technology, sports and finally employment and entrepreneurship.
Ellen Cole
Ellen Cole is the Founder of Little Seed Group. Ellen shares how a sudden redundancy turned out to be the push she needed to start her business, and how dyslexia helps her think out of the box.
Imali Chislett
Imali Chislett is the Founder of Inkfire Design - a graphic design, virtual assistance and copywriting agency. Inkfire is run entirely by disabled creatives based around the UK.
Alexandra Kutas
Alexandra is the world’s first runway model in a wheelchair. Also a business founder, wife and mother, she tells us how London’s rain became the inspiration for her business and why she believes the future of fashion includes everyone.
Martyn Sibley
Martyn Sibley is an accomplished serial entrepreneur and founder of Purple Goat Agency - the world's first and only influencer first disability marketing agency.
Beth Kume-Holland
Beth Kume-Holland is an award-winning social entrepreneur and the founder of Patchwork Hub, the tech startup and employment platform.
Dr Joanna Baker Rogers
The Founder of Busy Life Joanna Baker-Rogers speaks to us about how the challenge of changing career late in life has led to her become a champion for inclusion for all.