Imali Chislett

Imali Chislett is the Founder of Inkfire Design - a graphic design, virtual assistance and copywriting agency. Inkfire is run entirely by disabled creatives based around the UK.

Alexandra Kutas

Alexandra is the world’s first runway model in a wheelchair. Also a business founder, wife and mother, she tells us how London’s rain became the inspiration for her business and why she believes the future of fashion includes everyone.

Martyn Sibley

Martyn Sibley is an accomplished serial entrepreneur and founder of Purple Goat Agency - the world's first and only influencer first disability marketing agency.

Beth Kume-Holland

Beth Kume-Holland is an award-winning social entrepreneur and the founder of Patchwork Hub, the tech startup and employment platform.

Dr Joanna Baker Rogers

The Founder of Busy Life Joanna Baker-Rogers speaks to us about how the challenge of changing career late in life has led to her become a champion for inclusion for all.

Richard Talbot Jones

Founder of Talbot Jones Ltd. a chartered insurance broker specialising in supporting and protecting third sector and professional organisations.

Sarah Berthon

Founder of Against the Odds a community and podcast to share inspiration and advice about work and self employment with people with chronic illnesses. 

Michelle Jones

Founder of Kind Currency CiC - connecting businesses and consumers who care -  moving towards creating a kinder, more inclusive society for all

Seema Flower

Seema is Founder and Managing Director of Blind Ambition is a Visual Awareness and Disabilities expert.

Tracey Proudlock

Founder of Proudlock Associates, which advises a range of clients on inclusive design

Jen Blackwell

Founder of Dance Syndrome, a dance training program who's vision is to empower learning-disabled individuals through inclusive dance.

Tanya Heasley

Founder of Tristone Coaching - a social enterprise which aims to improve the lives of young people affected by adult anger.