Paula Massey
Paula Massey is the founder of Guardians for Heroes CIC which was set up to support veterans with their mental health and wellbeing through woodwork, arts and craft. Read her story to learn how Paula's community project is freeing up hospital beds, upskilling veterans and helping the environment, all in one fell swoop.
Abby Moorcroft
Abby Moorcroft is the founder of Colourblind Zebra and creates badges, pins, clothing, cards and more to raise awareness of chronic illness and chronic pain along with acceptance of neurodivergence and disability. Read her story to learn about how art helped her to process her experiences and how her hobby became a business.
Carol Vickers
Carol Vickers is the founder of Created by Carol and makes solid silver jewellery with a purpose. Read her story to learn about why she went into silversmithing and how her world opened up during lockdown.
Leah Holroyd
Leah Holroyd is the founder of White Bicycle Ltd and was named one of the Top 10 in the Telegraph/NatWest 100 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch list. Read her story to learn more about accessibility and inclusive learning.
Laura Dolphin
Laura Dolphin is the founder of Dolphin Outsourcing. Needing flexibility to get back and into employment, she realised that she could not be the only one with flexible working as a priority, and so set about taking things into her own hands.
Celia Hensman
Celia Hensman is the founder of The Disability Policy Centre: the first think tank of its kind in the United Kingdom. It is disabled-led and dedicated to the advancement and development of policy, ensuring that accessibility is at the heart of conversation, consultation, and legislation.
Vanessa Barzasi
Vanessa Barzasi is the founder of BioBright, which supplies beautiful algae plants for homes, offices and businesses. Read her story to learn how she set up business with her brother, how covid changed her life, and why algae is the future of interior design.
Kathryn Palmer-Skillings
Kathryn Palmer-Skillings is a Humanist wedding celebrant. Read her story to learn how Humanist weddings differ from standard celebrations and how she's starting to tackle the elephant in the room. Photo credit: Ross Willsher Photography
Mike Adams OBE
Mike Adams OBE developed Purple Tuesday, the flagship initiative of Purple. Read his story to learn how Purple Tuesday is helping businesses to tap into the power of the Purple Pound by improving the disabled customer experience 365 days a year.
James Hunt
James Hunt has back, knee and muscular injuries as well as dyslexia and ADHD. Read his story to learn how he is still finding the balance, and why helping the community has become both his purpose and proudest achievement.
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall has anxiety and depression as well as a diagnosis of an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Read his story to find out how he decided to play to his skills, qualities and experiences, and realised his ambition to found his own business.
Abigail Pine
Abigail Pine has had epilepsy since she was three years old. Read her story to find out about the difficulties of living with an invisible illness and why her business is a family affair.