Sarah Kingston
Sarah Kingston founded In Good Company with the mission to power the growth of ethical, sustainable businesses. Read her story to learn about her journey to identifying as disabled, how she’s tackling toxic narratives, and how even small gestures can make a huge difference to disability inclusion.
Alice Hargreaves
Alice Hargreaves was part of the founding team of social enterprise Sick in the City CIC. Read her story to learn why the pandemic was the first time she identified as disabled, why she’s inspired by her network, and how her face ended up on a building at the University of Warwick.
Nikki Butler
Nikki Butler has two businesses - The Autistic Joyologist and The Nikki Butler Skin Clinic. Read her story to learn how she’s repeatedly pivoted her business and her life, and why she wants to smash outdated stereotypes for future generations.
Hayley Kellard
Hayley Kellard opened Dotty About Braille in May 2023, specialising in braille greetings cards, labels and letters. Read how a passion for braille led to her setting up her business and how she learned to accept herself and her disability.
John McDonald
John McDonald is a Disability Consultant/Specialist with over 20 years’ experience working within the healthcare sector. Learn how he’s using his professional and personal experience to help businesses to overcome obstacles and embrace a more diverse and inclusive workforce.
Miranda McCarthy
Miranda McCarthy has had a mobility impairment since the age of two. Learn how lockdown in the UK inspired her to start a business that supports the Disabled community and how she has turned into a disability rights activist.
Amelia Peckham
Amelia Peckham acquired her disability at the age of 19 following a serious accident. Read her story to learn how setting up her own business helped her focus on the positive, why she finds being disabled empowering, and why her mum is her greatest inspiration.
Rachel Bentley
Rachel Bentley, aka The Small Business Marketing Coach, has coeliac disease and Ehlers Danlos syndrome. Read her story to learn about her struggles to get diagnosed and why her genius is making marketing as simple as possible.
Sarah Dillingham
Sarah Dillingham is the founder of Grace and Able, who make wearable joint support for people with arthritis. Read her story to learn how her wedding dance inspired her to found her company, and why disabled entrepreneurs are perfectly placed to run their own businesses.
Jane McNeice
Jane McNeice is an author and the founder of Mind Matters, which provides mental health training. Read her story to learn how a late diagnosis of autism changed Jane's life and how her late brother, Robert, continues to inspire her.
Paula Massey
Paula Massey is the founder of Guardians for Heroes CIC which was set up to support veterans with their mental health and wellbeing through woodwork, arts and craft. Read her story to learn how Paula's community project is freeing up hospital beds, upskilling veterans and helping the environment, all in one fell swoop.
Abby Moorcroft
Abby Moorcroft is the founder of Colourblind Zebra and creates badges, pins, clothing, cards and more to raise awareness of chronic illness and chronic pain along with acceptance of neurodivergence and disability. Read her story to learn about how art helped her to process her experiences and how her hobby became a business.