Creating a Storm

Jenny Blyth has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and fibromyalgia, alongside chronic pain and chronic fatigue. She founded her business, Storm in a Teacup, in October 2014 after realising she could no longer cope with the physical issues that come with working in an office.

Thinking Outside the Box

Amanda was diagnosed at the age of 52 with autism spectrum condition (ASC) and attention deficit disorder (ADHD). She founded her business, Outside the Box: neurodiverse coaching and mentoring, in November 2021. She uses a variety of empowering tools and other strategies to coach and support neurodivergent people.

The Bionic Woman

Stephanie has bilateral developmental dysplasia of the hips, which means her hip sockets didn't develop properly when she was a baby. The back of her hip sockets are missing, so they move about and slip out of the sockets. At 24, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and suffers from anxiety and depression due to the continual pain. Stephanie set up a virtual assistant business and is known as an Architect of Efficiency and Productivity Guru.

Dressing for Success

Funmi Lawal tells us how a stroke at age 35, left the righthand side of her body completely immobile. In 2018 she founded ClipKnix which designs and sells patented front-fastening underwear for women that removes the need to bend or stretch.

Positivity: A Work in Progress

Following a diagnosis of Epidermolysis Bullosa, Vie Portland founded a Community Interest Company called VieNess, Discover You, Love You in June 2019. She teaches self-esteem and confidence to children, young people, and vulnerable women. She is an author of two children’s books and one book for adults, all designed to help people of all ages, live happier, kinder, more confident lives.

A Change of Art

Andy Knill has had mental health issues since his teens, although they didn’t come to the fore until he was teaching full time.

The Future of Clothing

Victoria Founded Unhidden Clothing in 2017 as a socially responsible adaptive fashion brand for people with disabilities. Victoria has developed a ten piece collection for men and women which addresses as many access considerations as possible, from fastenings to fit, and from construction to fabric.

Be The Blessing

Doctor Rebecca is an Author, Counsellor and Coach. She’s never had a ‘9 to 5' job due to her poor physical health. Rebecca’s story is about recapturing a feeling of joy from her childhood while navigating her illness, which she views as a meandering detour.

Access all Areas

Zubee Kibria is the founder of Access My events: a consultancy business that aims to make events in the UK more accessible to disabled people.

I Exist

Marcia is the Founder of I Exist Clothing and True That. She has multiple sclerosis and is a wheelchair user. She is a passionate advocate for disabled people - her belief that disability does not define her shines through in all she does.

Levelling the Playing Field

Kush Kanodia is an experienced and influential social entrepreneur who has a portfolio career focusing on four main areas of activity – health and wellbeing, technology, sports and finally employment and entrepreneurship.

Sowing the Seeds of Success

Ellen Cole is the Founder of Little Seed Group. Ellen shares how a sudden redundancy turned out to be the push she needed to start her business, and how her dyslexia, ASD and  ADHD help her think innovatively and out of the box.