Coming Up With the Goods
Sarah Kingston has Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, fibromyalgia and ADHD. She is the founder of In Good Company: a tech-for-good company on a mission to power the growth of 'bricks-and-mortar' ethical, sustainable businesses in retail, hospitality and entertainment.
City Slickers
Alice Hargreaves was born with a range of respiratory conditions and was also diagnosed with ADHD in her 30s. She was part of the original founding team of Sick in the City CIC, a social enterprise that works to close the disability employment gap here in the UK via support for individuals and businesses.
Pride and Joy
Nikki Butler was diagnosed with autism and ADHD in her mid-forties. She is a skin and scar specialist, owning a multi-award-winning aesthetics clinic, and her second business, The Autistic Joyologist, offers coaching and support services for other autistic and ADHD women, to help them to build fulfilling and happy lives.
Dots About Spots
Hayley Kellard has been visually impaired her whole life. Discovering a passion for braille led to her founding her business, Dotty About Braille, and learning to accept herself and her disability.
Soaring on the Wings of Eagles
John McDonald of Eagles Wings Consultancy tells us how he’s using his professional and personal experience to help businesses to overcome obstacles and embrace a more diverse and inclusive workforce, and why simply having a policy may not be enough.
Ability Connect
Dr Mark Esho MBE is the founder of Ability Connect, a social enterprise aimed at supporting disabled entrepreneurs to realise their potential in the world of business.
Yoga Practice, Not Yoga Perfect
Miranda McCarthy of Adaptive Yoga LIVE tells us how lockdown in the UK inspired her to start a business that supports the Disabled community and why recognition from the Prime Minister turned her into a disability rights activist.
Sticking With It
Amelia Peckham tells us how setting up her own business helped her focus on the positive after a serious accident, why she finds being disabled empowering, and why her mum is her greatest inspiration.
Get Off the Marketing Bench
Rachel Bentley, The Small Business Marketing Coach, tells us about her struggles to get diagnosed and why her genius is making marketing as simple as possible.
Good Graces
Sarah Dillingham of Grace & Able tells us how her wedding dance inspired her to found her company, and why disabled entrepreneurs are perfectly placed to run their own businesses.
Mind Over Matter
Jane McNeice of Mind Matters tells us about how a late diagnosis of autism changed her life, about her new book, and how her late brother, Robert, continues to inspire her.
Guardian of the Galaxy
Paula Massey of Guardians for Heroes CIC tells us about how her community project is freeing up hospital beds, upskilling veterans and helping the environment, all in one fell swoop.