Eight Days a Week

Mike Adams OBE tells us how his initiative, Purple Tuesday, is helping businesses to tap into the power of the Purple Pound – an estimated $8 trillion worldwide – by improving the disabled customer experience 365 days a year.

Life is Better with a Biscuit

James Hunt tells us about finding the balance, the power of positivity and why helping the community has become both his purpose and proudest achievement.

Designs on Business Growth

Daniel Hall, owner of Dan's Print and Design, tells us how he decided to play to his skills, qualities and experiences, and realised his ambition to found his own business and make the move from unemployed to self-employed.

A Diamond in the Rough

Abigail Pine, Jewels from Polkadots, tells us the difficulties of living with an invisible illness and why her business is a family affair.

In the Good Books

Jen Parker of Fuzzy Flamingo tells us why she makes self-care a priority, how working for herself has made her more healthy both mentally and physically, and how she came to be an Amazon bestseller with her book, Unflip.

From Born Deaf to an MBE

Birmingham businessman Shezad Nawab tells us how being an entrepreneur was a childhood dream, how he’s bridging the gap between deaf and non-deaf businesses, and why his dad has always been his greatest mentor.

Better to Light One Candle

Christine Bowyer-Sopp tells us how making scented things became her therapy after her stroke, the challenges of living with vertigo, and why finally getting her degree at the age of 58 is her greatest achievement.

State of the Art

Marcus Mason-Williams is a multi-talented artist. His business, Cool Art 2021, showcases his passion for wildlife and nature and is influenced by his autism.

Making Finding Help a Doddle

Jaki King of If Everyone Cares CIC tells us how her community maps are changing the way people can find and offer support, about her experience of receiving diagnoses later in life, and about the A to Z of positive thinking.

Focussing on the Essential

Lee Chambers of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing tells us about how spending time in a hospital bed helped him hone his vision of what he could contribute, the challenges of having invisible disabilities, and why disability is a beautiful world of colour.

Driven to Succeed

Ed Hollands of DrivenMedia tells us about how a traffic jam gave him the idea to start his own business, his experience of appearing on Dragons’ Den, and why he doesn’t consider himself to be disabled.

Mining for Gold

Michael was born with Downs Syndrome and vision impairment. He always wanted to own his own business and in 2018 set up COALPIT Welsh cakes. Read about how his business has helped the local community, competing for Team GB, running the London Marathon and being one of Mencap's Myth Busters.