Miranda McCarthy Headshot

Miranda McCarthy

Miranda McCarthy of Adaptive Yoga LIVE has had a mobility impairment since the age of two which means that she is an ambulatory wheelchair user (someone who can walk but uses a wheelchair part time). Adaptive Yoga LIVE was founded in April 2020, at the start of lockdown, when the UK Government told Disabled people to self-isolate indefinitely. Their online platform provides accessible and inclusive yoga classes that cater to any mobility level, empowering everyBODY to experience the benefits of yoga.

Miranda says:

“My disability has allowed me to free myself from the conformity of others, and there’s liberation in that. My disability has given me a sense of inner freedom most people won’t get to experience.”

Read her story to learn how lockdown in the UK inspired her to start a business that supports the Disabled community and how she has turned into a disability rights activist.