Rachel Bentley with a dog

Rachel Bentley

Rachel Bentley, aka The Small Business Marketing Coach, was diagnosed with coeliac disease in her thirties and Ehlers Danlos syndrome (hypermobility type) in her fifties, after suffering debilitating symptoms all her life. She launched her business on International Women’s Day 2019, offering a set of mentoring and coaching programs to get clients building actionable marketing designed to take them out of overwhelm, build systems to suit them and give them a confidence boost along the way.

Rachel says:

“Waiting for politicians or employers to act is going to take an age, so I would encourage disabled entrepreneurs never to feel held back – there is always a way if you can tap into your passions.

“And find your tribe, communities of likeminded people, whether that’s disability groups or just those who share an interest. You can do this!”

Read her story to learn about her struggles to get diagnosed and why her genius is making marketing as simple as possible.