Amelia Peckham on a beach using a Daisy Crutch

Amelia Peckham

Amelia Peckham, co-founder of Cool Crutches, acquired her disability at the age of 19 following a serious accident. Along with her mum Clare, she founded her business in 2006. They sell comfortable, colourful, safe and silent crutches and walking sticks that are designed to reflect the user’s personality and style ahead of their injury or disability.

Amelia says:

“Disability is a power: it gives you an unbelievable sense of compassion, understanding, resilience, focus and drive. We are a force of good, sense and power, and the sooner this becomes integral to every business, city, country and community, the sooner people will realise living without exposure to disability is the real negative.”

Read her story to learn how setting up her own business helped her focus on the positive, why she finds being disabled empowering, and why her mum is her greatest inspiration.