Carol Vickers

Carol Vickers

Carol Vickers is the founder of Created by Carol – a relatively new business that grew from a hobby. She makes solid silver jewellery with a purpose: her collections include fidget jewellery for people with anxiety or neurodivergent conditions, adjustable rings for anyone with hand swelling or arthritis, and a range of upcycled antique cutlery, which is a direct response to today’s disposable, fast fashion.

Carol says:

“I don’t believe people are disabled by their health conditions, so much as by the barriers society puts in their way.

If society at large realised that disability is created by decisions and attitudes, I think accessibility and inclusivity would increase exponentially.”

Read her story to learn how NHS delays prompted Carol to get into silversmithing, why she’s an avid YouTuber, and how her world opened up during the covid lockdown.