Dr Rebecca Williams Dinsdale

Be The Blessing

Doctor Rebecca is and Author, Counsellor and Coach, she’s never had a ‘9 to 5” job due to her poor physical health. Dr Rebecca has Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) which at it’s worst means she has to use a wheelchair. She says her life is restricted by ME and must be very carefully managed in order to safeguard her physical health.

“If everything is aligned then I can cope, but if I fall off that tightrope – and there are a huge number of factors to take into account – then I can become very ill very quickly and become both housebound and bedbound.

 Rebecca’s journey began as a child when she stood in front of her classmates and peers and delivered her first school assembly, she clearly recalls feeling incredibly alive, like electricity was flying up her feet powering the words. The full extent of Rebecca’s story is about recapturing that feeling while navigating her illness which she views as a meandering detour.