Marcia Antony

I Exist

Marcia is the Founder of I Exist Clothing – an adaptive fashion brand which takes into account  people’s physical and emotional needs, as well as social and environmental issues.

Marcia has multiple sclerosis and is a wheelchair user, which she says affects pretty much every part of her life. She is a passionate advocate for disabled people – her belief that disability does not define her shines through in all she does.

Marcia set up I Exist because she struggled to find clothes which she liked and which were accommodating of her physical needs. Founded in 2019, the pandemic had a huge impact on Marcia’s ability to develop the business and caused everything to come to an abrupt halt! Her entrepreneurial spirit  however meant she responded by establishing a second business, True That, which prints positive messages on eco-friendly products.

As things return to normal Marcia is moving forward with I Exist, and will officially launch early in 2022 in time for the spring season.

Marcia says “I admire every individual who manages to get through each day even when it’s a struggle, whether their disability is visible or not. These people are incredibly resilient and adaptable. We are all SUPERHUMAN!”