Imali Chislett

This Girl Is On Fire

Imali is the Founder of Inkfire Design – a graphic design, virtual assistance and copywriting agency. Inkfire is run entirely by disabled creatives based around the UK. The goal was to create a flexible business that worked around people’s needs – even if that means just working an hour a week from bed!

Imarli herself has multiple chronic health conditions and has used a wheelchair full time since she was a child.

She worked in the corporate sector for a time which she says gave her the opportunity to experience the joys and challenges that went with having a ‘mainstream’ job. She feels that although there are some provisions in place to allow disabled people to work, they can be few and far between, and often don’t provide the support that a person actually needs to function in a role. Imali experienced this first hand, and had the realisation that she couldn’t be the only one that felt like that.

And so Inkfire Design was born. The businesses’ mission is to champion more accessible workplace environments and prove that with the right surroundings and support, we can achieve anything!

You can create the job that you want, just think laterally about how to make it work for you.