Ellen Cole

Sowing the Seeds of Success

Ellen Cole is the founder of Little Seed Group an award-winning marketing, PR and social media agency based in historic York. Helping independent businesses and charities to grow, thrive and blossom through marketing, PR and social media, Ellen is armed with a vast amount of experience and looks to create campaigns that are accessible for all.

Ellen is dyslexic and was diagnosed in the final year of her postgraduate education. This led her to spend the next decade of her life working to understand the beauty and benefits of being a dyslexic professional. In addition, Ellen was also diagnosed with autism and ADHD in 2022 which she is currently learning more about through attending webinars and conferences as well as talks by industry professionals.

She says that having differences provides her with some unique strengths that she uses within the business. Ellen is highly creative, thinks outside of the box and can spot patterns that others miss, allowing her to come up with innovative ideas to help businesses and charities grow, thrive and blossom.

“It takes a lot of imagination to succeed in marketing, so my traits and commitment to accessibility have helped my clients to succeed.”

Ellen founded Little Seed Group after the agency she worked for closed suddenly, leaving its employees redundant. Having always wanted to set up her own business, but being concerned that she wouldn’t make it on her own, the redundancy was the push she needed to get started.

Ellen is also a Public Speaker on Dyslexia in the Workplace, helping to raise awareness and encouraging businesses to become more inclusive. She is looking to public speak on autism and ADHD, once she is comfortable doing so.

Ellen says, “Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, therefore, it’s important to nurture and champion diversity in the workplace. Cultivating a safe and positive workplace where people can be their authentic selves results in more honest conversation and more collaborative work, resulting in greater productivity and business growth.”