Martyn Sibley in Barcelona

Everything is Possible

Entrepreneur, author, speaker and podcaster, Martyn Sibley, tells us about his leap of faith, how living with a disability has made him a better entrepreneur, and why he feels optimistic about Generation Z.

Martyn is the Founder of Purple Goat – the world’s only influencer first disability marketing agency. The business works with influencers to connect brands to disabled consumers -– 22% of the UK population live with a disability, that’s more than 14 million people – yet just 0.06% of ads feature disabled people. Purple Goat carry out research, consultancy and create content for brands, utilising a huge pool of disabled influencers that they match to the brands they work with.

Martyn is a serial entrepreneur – following university, and a subsequent job with a charity where he worked for a number of years, he decided to take a leap of faith and go it alone…

Martyn started out as a freelance consultant and co-founded the online magazine Disability Horizon, which harnessed the power of the disabled community by using and sharing content that came directly from and for that community.

His second co-founded venture was a business called Accomable.  Accomable was an accessible travel website, like Airbnb for the disabled community. The business was hugely successful and was eventually acquired by Airbnb in 2017.

Martyn believes being disabled has taught him to become resilient, a great problem solver and developed his ability to think outside the box, which has in turn made him a better entrepreneur – he believes that the more different you are the better!