Michelle Jones standing by a wall smiling

Michelle Jones - Founder Kind Currency

Founder of Kind Currency

Michelle has several chronic illnesses, including intussusception of the bowel, rectal prolapse, slow transit (abnormalities of the enteric nerves), endometriosis, hormone imbalance, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder.

 Rather than focus on the negatives Michelle feels she has been given the opportunity to see life from a different perspective, a life that she is grateful for, and her disability provides her with empathy and, most importantly, resilience.  

Michelle’s newly founded business, Kind Currency CiC is a subscription-based membership for kind consumers – consumers who want to spend their money with businesses who are making good choices for their communities. 

 It provides an app that connects consumers wishing to make kinder lifestyle choices with kind businesses. The interaction between the two will then create the kindness fund, which is designed to thank and support kind individuals who face adversity, by helping them remove barriers and providing them with opportunities. 

 In general, we rely on the kindness of others to support our society – interestingly and rather surprisingly the voluntary sector is predominantly made up of individuals who are living in deprivation and classed as disadvantaged themselves.

Michelle wanted to highlight this and move towards creating a kinder, more inclusive lifestyle and society for all.