Tracey Proudlock on the Underground

We caught up with Tracey Proudlock, founder of Proudlock Associates, which advises a range of clients on inclusive design, to find out why she thinks it’s important for disabled people to get the best education that they can, how her business has evolved, and why a supportive business network is her secret weapon.

Tracey was born with a disability at a time when lots of people with her condition weren’t expected to live, and consequently the outlook for her was poor and expectations were low: “It was quite a shock that I survived and grew up and needed a school!” said Tracey.

Tracey originally worked in HR and eventually set up her own business offering training around equality, diversity and inclusion. Over time, more and more of the businesses’ clients were asking for advice about how to make their workplace more physically accessible, as well as helping to develop a more inclusive workplace through the provision of training.

At first the business offered mostly training and just a small amount of buildings advice, but over a period of time there was a definite switch. Fast forward to today and training is only a small part of Proudlock Associates’ offering, the majority of  work being in inclusive design.