Tanya Heasley

Tanya Heasley - Founder Tristone Coaching

Founder of Tristone Coaching

Tanya Heasley is the founder of Tristone Coaching – a social enterprise which aims to improve the lives of young people affected by adult anger. Tanya drew upon her negative
experiences from childhood to develop her business to transform the lives of young people. Tanya has Asperger’s Syndrome, or high functioning autism. She does not perceive it as a disability: rather as a gift, and views it as a super-power for helping other people fulfil their potential.

Tanya has three businesses, but is most passionate about  Tristone Coaching , which she set up in November 2014.

Tristone Coaching  aims to improve the lives of young people affected by adult anger, to enhance teacher wellbeing, to cultivate positive parents and help young people to thrive. Tristone’s aim is not only to restore the lives of anyone who has been affected by anger – whether it’s their own, witnessed in others, or experienced by traumatic
events – but also to strengthen young people’s emotional wellbeing, build their resilience, improve their self-esteem, and teach them how to use their anger healthily. Tanya also aims to build thriving communities such as schools, families, and businesses, so that the younger generation can flourishing.