Carly Hooper At The Hives

Carly Hooper – Founder Beeutiful

Founder of business Beeutiful

Running your own business is the bees’ knees.

Carly founded the skincare business Beeutiful, in November 2013 because she wanted to work from home so that she could be there for her children, especially her son Callum, who was diagnosed with hemiplegia at 11 months, after suffering a stroke in the womb. Carly said “I want people understand, be considerate and give people with disabilities a chance. Don’t judge people on their appearance, but look beyond the external and try to understand the internal. This is true of able-bodied people too, but very much more obvious when it comes to people with disabilities.”

Inspired by her son and the need to be flexible from Beeutiful’s initial launch – with just ten products, Carly now sells almost twenty, and has recently introduced a new luxurious range called B-Rose.  Currently boasting fifteen skincare awards, a small business award from Theo Paphitis, and with more products planned and new stockists coming on board, Beeutiful is going from strength to strength.